Your orders will be shipped by DPD courier.
The shipping costs are displayed in the cart once the state and the destination postcode have been entered and vary according to weight.

How to behave upon delivery
Before signing the transport document with the person in charge of the courier present, we recommend that you:

  • Check that the number of packages is the same as that marked on the transport document (or courier's delivery note);
  • Check that the labels affixed to the packages show the correct address;
  • Check that the external condition of the packages does not show any damage or tampering (eg closures with non-original belt but of the conveyor, damaged packaging, etc.)

In the event that one of the above mentioned anomalies is found, it is necessary to put your reserve on the bulletin specifying the type of anomaly found. Alternatively, you can refuse the shipment by always indicating the reason for the refusal on the bulletin (partial delivery, incorrect address, damaged packaging).

If it was not possible to find the anomaly in the presence of the courier, it will be necessary to promptly request customer assistance by e-mail ([email protected]), the authorization to return within and no later than 5 days from receipt of the purchased goods. (the date on the delivery note will be valid).

In any case, the customer must send a request for authorization to return, via e-mail or fax, containing the following information:

  • all data of the shipment: n. transport document, document date, product code with anomaly, anomalous quantity;
  • the description of what the package looked like upon receipt and the damage found.

After checking with the courier, we will notify the customer of the authorization for the return of the damaged material and then the shipment of the replacement material will be carried out.

After 5 days from receipt of the goods, no reports of anomalies related to transport or the contents of the shipment will be accepted.